Christmas Collection 2016

Christmas CupcakesChristmas Cupcakes

The Christmas tree
Vanilla cake / Vanilla topping (Christmas sprinkles)
Golden Santa
Vanilla cake with Tiramisu topping (Santa decoration)
Mery Mery
Red velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting (Mistletoe decoration)

Price: 3,00 eur / piece

Gallery photos Please visit our christmas gallery for more examples!

You can order untill 21 december. If you are too late with ordering, don’t worry we will have extra stock in our store on 22, 23 and 24 december.

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Christmas Cakes

Sizes: S – 8 people – M – 12 people – L – 20 people


Chocolate Ferrero Kisses
S – 22,00 eur, M – 30,00 eur, L – 50,00 eur
“Mud chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting.”

Vanilla Rainbow Kisses
S – 22,00 eur, M – 30,00 eur, L – 50,00 eur
“Lovely vanilla cake with white Chocolate Mouse frosting.”

S – 25,00 eur. M – 35,00 eur, L – 55,00 eur
“Delicous cake with Cream Cheese frosting.”

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Classic butter vanilla cookies decorated in Christmas theme. Great present for the teacher, your best friends, lovely neighbour or under the Christmas three! Price: 3,00 /cookies

We also make corporate cookies with the logo.

Orderform Sint & Christmas 2017 : Download (doc)

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