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Given that each and every cake is custom-made and unique which in return requires lots of time, the price vary but we can provide you with basic price list. The final price depends on ingredients and the complexity of the preparation.
Once the overall design and composition of the cake is agreed upon, I’ll send the final calculated price. You can opt for a full payment before the start of the cake, or a 50% deposit with the remaining balance upon delivery / pickup.



Personalised buttercream & drip cakes  for a special occasion! Order yours 14 days in advance!

Sweet Celebration Cakes

Size cake, servings & price:

(20cm) : 16 standard, 30 party servings         = from € 100,00*
(20+15) : 22-25 standard, 60 party servings  = from €175,00*

*Additional costs for custom plaque, figurines, writing, cake decoration, candles


From 20 persons (€100,00)

Custom made (completely to your desire).

Send us an email with how many people you need a cake for, the occasion, colors, and theme of the party.

Sweetest seasonal events

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