Can you make gluten & lactose-free cakes & pastries?

Certainly! We can make gluten-free friendly cakes by using alternative ingredients, but we work in our bakery with many ingredients that do contain gluten. That is why our cakes are not suitable if you have a high gluten intolerance.

Do you make vegan, halal & kosher pies?

We can make vegan, halal & kosher pies. We do not use animal gelatin or alcohol in our cakes.

How long can I keep the cake / cupcakes?

The cake can be stored 3 days after collection.

How do I transport my cake?

Our advice is to transport every cake by car, on a flat bottom in the trunk. Drive carefully, any bump can damage the cake. That particularly applies to stacked pies.

During very hot days, we recommend turning on the air conditioning in the car and having some cooling elements with you. The Netherlands is a cycling country but we do not recommend transport by bicycle.

Do you deliver cakes?

We only deliver wedding cakes at the moment, we are working hard on a solution to deliver small orders soon.

How can I place a large order?

This can be done by requesting a quote via the contact form on our website or by contacting Do you want an order for 100 people or more? This is certainly possible. Fill in the quotation form on our website or contact us via

How long in advance should I order a customized cake?

A customized cake must be ordered 2 weeks in advance.

What if I am late with the order?

We sell cupcakes and our signature cakes in the store. Contact by phone or look at Insta / FB for the Daily Menu.

How long in advance can I order a wedding cake?

Wedding cakes can be ordered up to 2 years in advance.

Can I order my cake by telephone?

You can always call for information, but we do not take orders via telephone. Write us an e-mail.

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