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We are often approached by different companies who have a celebration coming up, like the opening of a new store, or promoting a new logo. We have regular workshops given at major events such NLDOET but also we offer workshops for team outings or team building. By baking and decorating together as a team, the team spirit amongst colleagues will be increased and it’s a fun way to get to know each other a little better. An anniversary of a colleague is also a great opportunity to bake together, or enjoy a high tea. For small businesses, our cozy lunch room is very suitable to arrange meetings or enjoy a high tea.Perfect Pastry makes company cakes preciously to fit your occasion. Call to reserve your event desserts and cakes.

Gallery photos Zie de Corporate Cakes Gallery for examples.

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Catering Companies use our services to make special event and company cakes. With our personal attention to detail, we create cakes that fit the assortment of our clients. For our regular customer 8tea5, we created the popular 8tea5 Oreo cheesecake for example.

Corporate Cakes and Cupcakes with logo

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