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Masterclass Börek Filo Dough

Make your own filo pastry from scratch! You can make filo pastry with only 3 ingredients, but the whole process is worth learning!

Filo pastry is the ideal basis for many filled pastry types. Savory but also sweet.

In this workshop we make the traditional filo pastry dish ‘Börek’. In the Balkans this dish is called ‘pita’. We fill it with cheese, potatoes or minced meat. With a little help you can make a super tasty börek /pita that we will bake in our oven and that will go home with you! Of course we will cut one on the spot and enjoy it together.

This workshop is a fun outing for baking enthusiasts!

What do you need? We already have all the ingredients and ‘tools’.

Workshop duration: approximately 3 hours

Costs: 55 eur pp

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